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Is El Reg georestricting stories?

Dan 55 Silver badge

Is El Reg georestricting stories?

So, I connect via US VPN and I notice two stories aren't on the front page:

Elite name on Brit scene sponsors retro video games preservation project at the Centre for Computing History

Couldn't come at a better time as Cambridge museum remains closed

13 – lucky for some, but not BT because that's how hard pre-tax profits crashed in Q1

COVID-19 ravages former state monopoly as nearly all divisions shrink

Then I disconnect, refresh, and the two UK-centric stories are back (along with another cookie popup).

Is there/will there be an option to turn this off, I quite like reading about stuff happening elsewhere in the world... or, indeed, my part of the world if I'm using a VPN which many people working for corporate behemoths will have to do.

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