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This is why budget/mid range phones are normally better

I try to take my security seriously. So that means checking out any vendors products before buying.

My current phone is a Motorola One, it's got 3yrs of security updates and at least 2 OS upgrades... that should be good enough as I tend to keep my phones between 2-3yrs on average these days. I buy them new, or slightly used via Amazon warehouse... when I pay on average 25% under normal price. The maximum I've ever paid for a phone is £206... no contracts... no deals... I buy a phone and pay giffgaff £10 a month for unlimited calls/texts and 6gb data.

There's no need nor reason to really have much more... the phone is quick enough, has loads of ram and storage and has an mSD cared slot so I've added an extra 128gb card to the 128gb onboard. It's more than enough room for the 150+GB of mp3's I have (average 192-320 bitrate).

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