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Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected

Jeremy Puddleduck

1) I was referring to equality legislation where sex is a protected characteristic, covering both male and female provision for single-sex activities and spaces (like a male-only club, or female-only sports team)

2) You are lumping the nature of a crime and the sentencing of a crime in together here. Are you really trying to claim that women are equally violent to men, both in severity and occurrence of violent crime? Really? That's quite a stretch/fantasy there, don't you think?

3) You seem to have overlooked quite a few important caveats to the report you have quoted. Strange that :-

"While a number of associations were observed between the likelihood of custodial sentencing and a range of offence / offender characteristics, it is important to note that the current analysis did not take into account all factors which were used in making sentencing decisions. For example, the analysis used twenty broad offence groups, allowing for comparisons between males and females within these groups. However, there remains a range of offence seriousness within the offence groups (e.g. murder and common assault are both Violence against the person offences), which is not included in the modelling. Furthermore, the mitigating and aggravating circumstances surrounding offences could not be included in the statistical models. Future analyses could include more detailed measures of offence seriousness to provide a fuller picture of the observed associations between offender sex and sentencing."

"While the logistic regression models allowed the associations between sex and imprisonment to be examined under similar criminal circumstances, these models cannot take into account all factors involved in sentencing, for example, they do not include the specific offence committed or any associated mitigating and aggravating factors."

"Variations in the rates of imprisonment could therefore potentially reflect variations in the mix of offences committed by males and females."

"Given the fact that each of the offence groups covers a wide range of specific offences, variations in the imprisonment rate could reflect variations in the patterns of specific offending across the sexes"

I'll assume you acknowledge that there may be genuine mitigating reasons for not imprisoning some people (mental health, disability, responsibility for children and family members, etc) in additional to the likelihood of a previous criminal record (higher in men) and the severity of the crime?

I assume you are off now to campaign for changes in sentencing or are you just going to post daft posts? You may want to mention the fact males who commit crimes, and then identify as women in the UK, can now get their crime recorded as being carried out by a woman. So, rape by a woman is now possible. Now that is really going to mess up crime statistics and provisions for future incarceration. As worried about that? I suspect not.

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