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Logs don't lie

This reminds me of a recent exchange i had with a colleague.

we have a fortig(sh)ate which manages our vpn, and reads the permissions from a couple of AD groups.

the guy in question asked to be able to reach another subnet, so i changed his domain permissions and told him that the gateway needs a vpn restart to re-read the domain groups and apply his permissions.

he said that he'd done that and it still wasn't working, to which i diligently repeated that he needs to log the bloody ***ttyclient off and on again.

then he tried to raise his voice, hinting that i didn't know what he was doing, to which i replied that the dashboard was showing his session had been active for 3 hours, so clearly he hadn't logged off since i applied the changes.

He didn't offer to buy me a beer but i didn't hear from him since.

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