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Back in my green days (which I like to count in decades now as it keeps the numbers smaller and thereby some how seems not as long ago) I had a user with a totally dead, completely shuffled off the mortal coil 22" CRT monitor (such a beast they were classed as a two man lift for company insurance purposes, not that anyone actually followed through with getting a second engineer to help).

Asked the obvious, did you check it was plugged in, affirmative from the user, so in my nativity I toddle off back to our basement office to grab a replacement, trolley it back up, swap over, pop the power button and..nothing.

Oh dear.

So I check the power cable I re-used and, yep, it's plugged in alright.

They do tend to work better than when the extension block is turned on though...

I didn't want to lose face to the nice lady so simply told her the new monitor's now up and running and popped her old one back into storage for when one actually failed...

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