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Congratulations Peebles. Felicitations Queenzieburn. Openreach is bringing you FTTP (yes, they're real places)

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That's not true. Like I said, there are two ways to sort out EO ("exchange only") lines. The FTTC approach doesn't need a "recable", they just cut into the existing trunk line and run it via a new cabinet. My grandparents lived in a tiny hamlet, everyone was on EO lines - and considering the length it must have been good quality to get 6Mbit ADSL.

They stuck an combined copper and FTTC cab at the end of the road, plumbed into the existing trunk line. Sadly they weren't in a position to benefit from it, but the person who bought their house certainly can. Obviously, competition isn't a factor - they can't even get a mobile signal!

There's a road between that hamlet and the larger village. They were luckier, upgraded straight to FTTP. The village itself has FTTC (and amusingly, one cabinet was given

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