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"beyond the predetermined lifespan of a product"

And just what is the "predetermined lifespan" of a mobile phone ? Six months ?

The only valid predetermined lifespan is the amount of time the hardware is supposed to be usable. For me, that is anywhere from 10 to 15 years - supposing your battery can be replaced.

It is obvious that the makers believe that a phone's lifespan is the time until the person buys a new one, ie 2 years on average I'll guess. Which also means that the phone makers completely ignore the resell market. How nice.

Well guess what : I have my Galaxy A3 since 2017 and I'm not changing any time soon.

Phone support needs to update their update strategy.

I have a cluebat to help.

And if that is not enough, I propose a law that states that as long as there is one item still connecting to the network, the maker of that item is required to provide updates.

We're not talking cars, we're talking everything electronic. You made it, you support it until the day nobody uses it any more. Don't come whining about cost - you sold it, you support it.

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