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I'm a Contract PM but seem to specialise in Government projects. I've had the dubious honour with working as the interface between the IT Department and the team who provide day to day support for Councillors. A very common practice was for members to redirect their emails to personal gmail or hotmail accounts. The root cause turned out to be the fact that they had to use strong passwords to access the Council email system. Whilst staff were unable to autoforward emails to external domains the council leader insisted that this restriction we removed for members. They were briefed on the GDPR/ Privacy and data security risks but we were overridden. We had even provided Outlook Web Access so they could read emails on private devices but the requirement to put in a sensible password was just too hard.

Another council was forced to buy very expensive convertible laptops (even dearer that ipads). The justification was based on a business case that council meetings would be paper free. We did suggest a pilot but were overruled and 70 devices were purchased. Needless to say it was impossible for them to flip between 2 or 3 reports / supporting letters / planning documents on a 13 inch screen so all the paper was printed for every meeting anyway. It turned out he 70 devices purchased were never really used as they were significantly heavier than the laptops they already had. The following year the campaign for ipads for members was started. I'm not sure how that ended up. Frustratingly these initiatives never get funded, they just come from the tightly stretched operational IT budget.

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