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At a previous job, way back in the large 90's, I was informally running the sites web proxy. Chatting casually to one unit manager one day, I told him that porn is being looked up all the time.

I had to log requests, but I didn't view or act on them - that's up to corporate, and if they flagged an access from my proxy, I'd have to pass them whatever relevant logs I had.

Fortunately, in the years I was doing this, this NEVER happened. But invariably I'd be debugging/tracing, and I'd see the contents of the log.

He was curious to what was logged, so I offered to show him.

Back in my office, I had only run a tail on the log file for a minute when some dodgy porn site popped up.

"See?", I said. There's porn all the time..

"Who's PC is that?"

"Hang on..." (looks up address) "Errm, it's yours!"

This was one case where someone could not be accused of lying when he protested his innocence!

It turned out that as he was away on his lunch break, one of his staff used his faster PC for his staff break!

Fortunately, he was a chilled sort of guy, and nothing was ever made official, but the staff member concerned got an embarrassing talking to!

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