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[Humour failure] "James was working in the IT team for UK local government. In keeping with the thrusting, staying up-to-date ethos of such organisations, there was a "no iPads/personal devices" rule strictly enforced. After all, who knows what horrors the newfangled things might be carrying in or, more importantly, out?"

Really we quite liked iPads but they feckin things were/are massively expensive to buy in those days and needed 1:1 setup and maintenance (they are still a massive ballache in large numbers but not as bad as those days). Cllrs and senior people demading new toys just for them were/are a massive drain on the limited stock of IT people. Also they were crap for day to day use.

We had that same issue. Clls demaded iPads. Turned out "iPad" meant tablet computer just like "Hoover" = vacuum cleaner. So they got very expensive Dell tablets (at least we could manage them centrally and not have to push apps through a VDI on an iPad).

Then they said they needed keyboards because typing on a tablet was hard.

Then they wanted mice for them because using your finger was hard.

When asked if in fact since they had a screen with a keyboard and a mouse if they did in fact want a laptop since that was about half the price of their current setup? Nope they definitely "needed" a tablet.

These days we have to supply them with Surface tablets, but then we also have to give them desktops to do any work on since the Surface is just to carry around and put on a desk in meetings like a decorative figurine.

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