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So many half-truths and I don't knows over the years, one stands out. User complained that their Macbook Air was running really slow, type a word and wait 10 seconds for it to appear on screen. I head over the service counter, and have a look. They type and indeed 10 seconds later, the text appears. I have a look at the keyboard, CODE RED! Nurse! Gloves! Stat! Grimiest keyboard I've seen in a long time. And then I get a whiff of coffee. I tell the user to wait as I move the MBA over to the work bench. I whip off the bottom plate, and I see pools of coffee! I told the user what I found, and they replied, I don't drink coffee, so it wasn't me! I said, But this is assigned to you, you are responsible for the upkeep and care of the computer. Priceless dumb looks...

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