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The number of downvotes on what is just literal actual science is a little disconcerting for the Reg. I'd generally expect the commentards to either know this stuff already or at least have been able to extrapolate the "not that simple" part from and endless series of teachings and life experiences. I never made it through the first term of A-levels but you can be damn sure I perked up in the first Chemistry class when they told us to forget about 90% of what we'd learned for GCSE. The fact that you've provided a concise, accessible summary and are still nearing 50% downvotes gives me pause for thought.

On topic though, I'd say that if the company who produced what was effectively just another Facebook personality quiz was even partially trying to troll by doing so, they've succeeded. Everybody quoted in the article would have been better to just ignore this and get on with doing something meaningful that could maybe benefit the world instead of armchair philosophising about how targeted advertising fits into society, of all things.

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