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Those of you trying to trample some other people's existence into the ground need to remember that: intersex people do exist (making a male or female description difficult or impossible), and that gender dysphoria is a thing, hence why some people are transgender (or why some people find it difficult to feel entirely female or entirely male), and you need to consider the hurt that you cause.

And some people feel asexual: they may have a definite biological sex (if you were to ask such a somewhat personal question of them), but if they don't act on it in any way and decide to present a gender-neutral appearance, surely it is again up to them to describe themselves as they see fit.

Having said that, I do rather suspect that there is also a small minority of people who are playing the shiny snowflake card just to feel special and just because nowadays they can, or who perhaps have slightly over-vivid imaginations (although a vivid imagination is no bad thing). Those, I am somewhat less convinced by, but, still, even there, as it harm none, let them be.

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