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Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected

Long John Silver

'Gender' knows no boundaries

Classifying biological sex leads to three categories: male, female, and ambiguous.

'Gender', strictly a term applicable to languages like French which assign a male/female persona to inanimate objects, has been extended to encompass a range of sexual self-identity perceptions. The link below suggests 64 distinct 'genders'; other sources posit many more.

In a brief number of years 'gender' has mutated considerably. Beyond linguistics and teaching languages it took a role as supposedly polite euphemism for biological sex; this akin to reports of fastidious American matrons asking guests whether they would like some 'white meat' (aka 'breast') served from a chicken carcass.

Nowadays chaos reigns,

People lacking fortitude to resist this 'non-binary' nonsense, inhabit the Tower of Babel.

How on earth shall AI be rendered 'politically correct' and able to cope with an ever changing landscape of hubris among lunatics?

Problems compound considerably when an AI is instructed to correctly apply, to each nuanced perception of 'gender', pronouns deemed polite by those to whom each particular 'gender' is a matter of 'pride'.

Pity technicians required to train an AI in language usages prevalent within a frivolous minority. Extend sympathy to compilers of dictionaries. Computer program developers already are being subjected to demands by arrogant self-appointed custodians of social propriety to drop well understood terms such as 'master and slave'.

When 'gender-warriors', should any be bright enough, get their hands on programming languages watch out for an extension of Babel. Perhaps programmers too timorous openly to stand up against the warriors shall adopt a workaround: write code as before, run it through a 'correctness scanner' spewing out bowdlerised code for public consumption, and shove it into a compiler modified to cope with 'correct' nonsense and produce usable debugging code.

Eventually many disciplines may be coerced into lip service to idiocy. Yet, the truly creative among their members will work 'underground' in the old way, collaborate similarly with others, and pay homage to idiocracy only in output intended for perusal by the general public.

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