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Amazon's auditing of Alexa Skills is so good, these boffins got all 200+ rule-breaking apps past the reviewers

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rewriting history again

Removing "references to Nazis or hate symbols," is counterproductive.

Bad stuff happens - and when idiots try to cover it up, bad stuff happens again. Bad people won't take any notice of trivialities like rules or laws unless there is some credible downside to breaking them. Given that do-gooders seem to think bad behaviour should be excused and the "misguided" rule- or lawbreakers rewarded not punished, there is absolutely no incentive to behave nicely but plenty to be made by not doing so. Especially when those who do follow the rules get absolutely nothing for doing so.

Tell people why the Nazis were bad, don't try to pretend it never happened. That's another route to Holocaust Deniers. Except instead of a small group who claim it was all a lie, we're breeding a generation of them.

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