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Indian conglomerate Reliance Industries says it's built its own 5G kit and hopes to sell to all comers

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Investment still needed though. Telcos have not yet realised and unleashed the full potential of 4G speeds, which technically should be good enough for most. They are balking at further investments, despite splurging millions on the spectrum.

Meanwhile in UK:

Any right minded business would not tolerate such laxity of purpose. Ditto 5G spectrum. Having paid millions(again) for spectrum, they are not investing in new masts, poles, Antenna (Huawei drama notwithstanding) for more than 4 years. Just drip feeding the media and OFCOM about the wonders of 5G. Ground reality very barren and almost non existent. But happy to sell very expensive shiny handsets !

Old analogy of the Jumbo jet. Build and they will come. Here it is reverse. Sell handsets and make them wait !> Wonder who is driving this agenda.

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