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I wonder

Is there ever going to be a time like the past where RAM gets cheap? When DDR4 came out i expected 3 to drop in price like 2 once did, but instead the new stuff was expensive because it was new and the old stuff stayed expensive because everyone quit making it nobody wanted to splurge on the new stuff, and that was before any of the chip shortage shenanigans.

As some have already pointed out, the only consistent part of using Chrome is that it will eat every available gig not wearing a chastity belt and locked in a cell the moment you give it the chance. I remember being so excited the day i upgraded to 64GB and thought i could finally surf unmolested by slowdown for a while (this didn't happen, but because of a Windows 10 issue, because of course). 32GB still seems low-middle to me in the range of personal requirements for that reason. Ugh. I'm just whining now.

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