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Example: (sorry, missed the edit window)

I'm getting >25Mbs here on my phone over a kilometre away from the nearest antenna. At local peak time. I routinely get over 100, closer.

5G's spectra would struggle to get that (25Mbs) at 100m at 4am. Just simple physics.

If nothing else, think of the colossal infrastructure costs just to regain in suburbia the coverage you currently take for granted with 4G. That money doesn't just rain from the sky like in Magic Pudding Land: if they spend it, they'll charge it back to you, over time, via your contracts. They _have to_. So you'll be paying more, for more-restricted service. Walk outside the cities/suburbs/towns'centres... oh, no data.

IoT(meme) aside, wtf?

Other than ShinyShiny hysteria, I don't get the urgency nor the drama.

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