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@"Economic crash? I wonder who’s causing that? Maybe those pushing lock-downs? "

Whatever happened to "all lives matter"? Or even "kids lives matter", or "blue lives matter". You undermined the lock down and now you're facing wave 2, once again a climbing death toll, an economic collapse, a massive loss of jobs. You lot caused that. Why? Why did you undermine lockdown just weeks before it was finished??

What caused Fox News, just after the curve had been flattened to start with its "the cure is worse than the disease" to undermine the lockdown that was working?

What caused, the Whitehouse economic council to issue a fake graph showing deaths would end mid April?

Look at Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. He's suing Atlanta RIGHT NOW, to overturn their mandated mask wearing. Assuming he can get enough people to *not* wear masks, get R0 above 1, he can kill ~60000 to 90000 people in Georgia alone. A massive loss to the economy, a massive loss of confidence, a massive loss of life. A massive disaster in Georgia. Why?

Come the election, he'll turn on a dime, "close the polls, its too dangerous". Closing the polls in Democrat dominated districts. All those deaths so he can rig an election.


Trump trying to force schools open, kill the kids, kill the teachers, kill the siblings, kill the parents, kill the grandparents.


The rest of the world has tackled it, and the USA has Republicans intentionally killing people to rig an election.

It's murder. Republican murders. The biggest mass killing in US history, by Republicans so they can keep power.

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