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Google gives Gmail's collab chops a good buffing to make it the 'home for work' while we're working from home

Throatwarbler Mangrove Silver badge

In before the legion of anti-fanboys descend on the thread to announce how they would never use Google, how teh Google is evil and steals your data and molests your pets, and why isn't old school email good enough for people now-a-days, dang Millennials with their Snapchats and Tikkety Toks wanting video and live document sharing and other fancy-pants features like that.

No, no, we know you have "legitimate security and privacy concerns," and anyone who doesn't share your exact concerns and react the same way is a moron who shouldn't be allowed to use a computer. Let's just take it as read that you are literally the only technically competent people in the whole world, and that it will all end in tears for the rest of us. Also, you have very large penis. Truly a magnificent circumference, I swear.

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