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USA ends Hong Kong's special treatment, crimping flow of tech to territory Bronze badge

The only reason someone would think that in the mainland is because Chinese media brainwashing is so thorough that there would be no other option. Chinese state-controlled media outlets (which is all of the legal ones) continually smear capitalism and independent thought despite their economy being so thoroughly dependent on the former and arguably the latter. Many Chinese that are lucky enough to not live in an impoverished shithole think that the US is some kind or demon hell-bent on upsurping the power, intellect, and overall greatness of the Chinese people (even though their tech and consumer product sectors so often steals everyone else's content, especially from the US) while those living in the dirty barely-livable conditions that stretch across the rest of the country are told to blame the US for their poor condition.

If you go against any of this ideology, you are slowly withered away until you submit or just outright killed. With that hanging over your head I see no other way for anyone to get by than to submit. The government is allowed to continue doing this because the rest of the civilized world is so reliant on the Chinese for one reason or another. Say what you will about democratic ideals and capitalist economies, but at least the UK isn't so blatant about killing people that don't follow its state-sponsored rhetoric.

The worst part in my world is there are a lot of amazing makers in China that also get me stuck in this paradox, where I can't get the product anywhere else in the world and am forced to support the regime if I want the cool trinkets.

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