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Speakers die for other reasons too. I have recently had to scrap a pair of JBL Control-1 speakers because the cone mounting - the flexible ring part between the large end of the cone and the metal frame of the speaker - had disintgrated. Perished. Not through overuse (very careful about that), not through exposure to sunlight (I think) but just 'because'. It was only a couple of quid more to replace the whole unit with Control-1 Pro speakers than to buy a replacement woofer.

I have fitted /dozens/ of Control-1 and Control-1 Pro over the years and they are cracking good speakers for the money. Apart from the ridiculous ball-mount they supply these days. I have never had one fail in this way previously.

As for a modular laptop/tablet, I'm very tempted at that price. School seems to be moving towards BYOD which is an expense I'd rather not repeat too often...


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