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Trump U-turns on foreign student crackdown: F-1, M-1 visa holders allowed to study online mid-pandemic in the US

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Yes. In fact people have missed the point here. We've all heard Trump go on and on about how bigsmart he is. But, well, like all people who boast about how bigsmart they are he's a just a little bit worried that he might not be all that bigsmart, after all.

Well, there's a solution to that, isn't there? All those people who are studying at university: a fair proportion of them really are smart, and possibly (whisper it) smarter than Trump. If they, you know, had to choose between studying and not dying, perhaps they would make the obvious decision. Then they would not be so smart, or at least if they were smart they would be somewhere else, somewhere far away. And if we keep that up for long enough, why, Trump really will be the biggestsmartest person alive, won't he?

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