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Rip and replace is such a long Huawei to go, UK telcos plead, citing 'blackouts' and 'billion pound' costs: Are Vodafone and BT playing 'Project Fear'?


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We completely BYPASS the patent pool since we have unique technology and we also HAVE the legal and monetary firepower to fight back FOR DECADES against even a Huawei or Apple if need be!

One thing our corporate adversaries have realized over the years, WE LIKE FIGHTING FOR DECADES in the courtrooms! We've gotten REALLY GOOD AT IT in terms of making it expensive and EXTREMELY time consuming to fight us in the world of patent cases! We are of the SCORCHED EARTH TYPE! We fight ALL legal battles to the BITTER END and we haven't lost a case yet!

Anyways, we can supply PATENT-FREE board designs AND SDR software backed by the courts in US, Canada, Europe, Japan, India, etc. as we so wish using nothing more than COTS (Common Off-the-Shelf) components using a MUCH SIMPLIFIED manufacturing system that DIY (DO It Yourself) friendly since we concentrated so much on SIMPLICITY and ease-of-manufacture!

In terms of Canada and the USA communications carrier laws, we create INDEPENDENT mesh radio networks that are peer-to-peer and fully decentralized using on-the-fly/ad-hoc voice/video/text network creation and dissolution. Ergo, NO carrier-based legal framework is applied or even applicable to us.

AND since we can do frequency-hopping AND spread spectrum using SDR technology based upon 2020-era COTS AMD Ryzen-7/Ryzen-9 CPU hardware there is continuous upgradability paths at unheard of prices with TENS of THOUSANDS+ simultaneous users per "virtualized cell" in both URBAN AND RURAL areas!

We PREVENT interference with licenced AND unlicenced radio spectrum users by listening in on multiple channels ALL at the same time and hopping between channels that are free from major usage AND also dividing and packing multiple user-streams into custom multi-plexed data packet communications stream via spread spectrum that fit OVER ONE HUNDRED TIMES the current data bandwidth of today's restricted-channel-spectrum 4G/LTE communications.

The technology used in encrypted military radios we now bring to the consumer via OUR OWN PATENTED and proprietary technology FOR FREE via OPEN SOURCE BOARD DESIGNS and OPEN SOURCE SDR voice/video/text source code !!!

To put it mildly, our technology puts almost EVERYTHING that Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia, Thales, Raytheon, etc have in their data communications product portfolios to shame! We ALSO HAVE another product in the woodworks that COMPLETELY BYPASSES 5G/6G/8G technology and takes SECURELY ENCRYPTED (i.e. anti-quantum computing) ultra-high bandwidth wireless communications (terabit+ speeds!) to a whole 'nother level! That NEW technology we're just finishing off the Research and Development on is WHY we can offer COMPLETELY FREE and OPEN SOURCE 4G/5G board designs and open source SDR software!


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