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USA ends Hong Kong's special treatment, crimping flow of tech to territory

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I shan't respond to all the other nonsense being spouted here but it is always possible to present legislation - particularly when it has been vilified, long before anyone read it, in the Western press - in a negative light but some perspective is in order lest people continue to think HK was always heaven on earth (it probably was for the British Army who had nothing to do but polish their kit, swim and play tennis) and is no longer. Just as an example one item from the BBC piece :

"Beijing will have power over how the law should be interpreted"

Umm yes - in this case, and tightly circumscribed, and nowhere near as extensive as the situation before 1997 when all laws might have to be kicked up to the Privy Council* for interpretation.

*That was in London, by the way, And go ahead and answer on the basis that we are "fair, clean-minded, decent people" but they are not.

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