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Re: They were getting sued.....

@"Barr is point man here, eliminating legal challenges by eliminating those legal types that are likely to create challenges"

All crimes lead to Barr. But point-man or fall-guy?

Want a subpoena blocked? Don't block it yourself, get Barr to block it for you. PPP fund been looted? Get Barr to hide the fraud! Putin money funneled into Republican pockets? Barr will tell a court its totally legal! US intel sent to Russia used to kill US troops? Barr will even help bury the bodies! Get him a shovel, then while he's digging, video him doing it and back yourselves away from the crime scene. He'll keep digging his own hole deeper and deeper!

He's the obvious fall-guy.

One minute they're all "Barr is our guy", the next it'll be "Barr? Hardly know him, met him a few times, but didn't speak much to him, don't recall any conversations, shocked and appalled to find out what he did, I hope they throw the book at him!"

That's how Republican loyalty works.

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