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Google: OK, OK, we pinky promise not to suck Fitbit health data into the borg. Now will you approve the sale?

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We accept your conditions, just prove your honesty

Dear Google. We are happy to tell you that we have accepted your conditions, namely that you guarantee that you have not, are not, and will never use data collected or entered on Fitbit devices for advertising purposes and that it will never be visible to any system which also stores data processed for advertising. We are now happy to approve your sale, but we require one final item. In order to prove that you are complying with your own conditions, we will need to see and audit both of the following systems: A) the code run on Fitbits and any remote system with which they interact (recursively), and B) the systems and data on which you base your advertising decisions. These audits will need to be ongoing while your company continues to produce wearable products or software which interacts with wearable products. If you decide not to comply, we will be required to deny your request to acquire. Please note that providing false information in this step is a violation of laws in every EU member state and punishable by prison terms for every manager and forfeiture of all financial resources. Also please note that information provided during this process may be used by data protection authorities. Congratulations on this approval for your proposed acquisition.

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