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Tony Blair tells Russian infosec conference that cross-border infosec policies need more gov intervention

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Step One ..... Know the Enemy is No Friend and has No Friends Either ‽ .

Quite whether because of such a long and undistinguished history of Blighty blunderings in the fields of which one may be discussing here, CT, it is those who and that which may be batting for or as the UKGBNI, rather than it being A.N.Others rooting for an emergent or resurgent opposition and super efficient competition being exclusively advised of future developments which deliver an unassailable strategic and tactical advantage, is surely definitely something of a narrow enough window of opportunity for really interested parties to realise they have to grasp ....... or risk being left far behind yet again and reacting incessantly to their own failure.

After all, who on Earth would want to be burdened with a practising retard whenever exciting geniuses are freely readily available for future travel and companionship?

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