Reply to post: Try moving gramma to Windows 10, if you like pain.

Better get Grandpa off Windows 7 because zero-day bug in Zoom allows remote code execution on vintage OS

Robert Moore
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Try moving gramma to Windows 10, if you like pain.

All my grandparents, and my mother have unfortunately passed. As for my father I am counting the days until I can collect on his life insurance.

However I do help out with my girlfriends elderly aunt who simply can not understand why the new windows is worse than the old, can't understand why the new mail program is worse than outlook express, and why they had to change everything. (I can't say I disagree with her.)

Thank dog for teamviewer.

Honestly I doubt it would have been any more painful to just move her to Linux.

FYI, I did move my, non-technical, mother to Linux a few years before her passing, and it was mostly painless, after the first week or so questions of "What program do I use now instead of Internet Explorer?"

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