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We can make PC-101 boards EXTREMELY RUGGED -- I'm used to Mil-Spec 810g and IP-69 device design so everything on my boards is ALWAYS fully rugged with waterproofing, dust ingress protection, drop proofing and anti-vibration isolation, high humidity/liquid immersion environments and operating temperature ranges from -150 C to +300 C (i.e. working within jet/rocket engines and space-rated systems) this type of ruggedness with internal chip and motherboard cooling and proper hyper-rugged active and passively liquid cooled case designs is my specialty!

Once my design is done you just CNC or stamp the cases out of thick 8000-series aluminum, add silicone sealing and anti-vibration gel-pad immersion, active/passive silicone oil immersion cooling and fully rugged mil-spec motherboard manufacture and it would MAYBE cost you $150 to build (CPU and ECC RAM is extra!) per board and case at build lots of 1000 boards and cases!

Anything over 10,000 boards + cases will bring the price down to $30 US depending upon the grade of aluminum used (you can use 6000 series!) and coat the interior and exterior of the hard shell case with a high heat resistant aluminum oxide ceramic!

I can even power the thing with induction so the case is FULLY SEALED with just an antennae assembly which is also ruggedized OR I can just print a copper fractal antenna right on the case itself and glaze it over with a baked Alumina glass for protection!

Not that hard and STILL FAR BETTER than what Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei have PLUS i've made sure we have NO patent infringement since we've changed quite few of the communications modulation techniques AND internal software operations to ENSURE the main 5G patent pool is NOT infringed in any way! (Our parent company has the financial and legal resources to do this!)

We have OTHER far more advanced high-bandwidth communications systems than old-school 4G and 5G radio, so we've SKIPPED 4G/5G for our main comms technology. We don't mind helping out the Free and Open Source Software/Hardware community with out FREE board and case designs and our FREE SDR software!


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