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Rip and replace is such a long Huawei to go, UK telcos plead, citing 'blackouts' and 'billion pound' costs: Are Vodafone and BT playing 'Project Fear'?

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"Irrelevant as you (or anyone else) is *not* going to pay 10* price for that speed. You believe ISPs will sell that speed at the same price you get now 30Mbps?"

10* the price? Try again.

Vodafone £30 per month for unlimited data "fastest available" 5G price plan.

Compare to Virgin media's "£28 a month for 18 months then £44 a month" for 100mb

That's *right now*.

Of course, thats signal dependant, and VM will no doubt increase speed to compete as 5G coverage increases.

"Also, all of that 5G "speed" is *shared* speed among all users. 200Mbs to 100 users isn't any more than *DSL now and *much less* than even slow fiber."

Try again. 150-200 is the expected average. Its the "above 1Gbps" peak part that is shared between phones. Even then, it will be the back-haul that's the bottleneck.(underlying tech tops out at 10Gbps as previously stated)

If you want actual, tested, reality, my phone on *4G* just hit 9mb in a speed test on *2* bars. National average looks to be about 25mb. Source

With 5G looking to be 10 times faster, it is most definitely comparable to a regular internet connection. Hell, only 4 times faster than the national 4G average is comparable.


Im not going to specifically upgrade for 5G, nor would I want it as a home connection (I don't want cariier NAT), but you laugh it off as if its a fantasy, when a decent 4G signal can *already* beat a crappy wet string ADSL connection in some places. I know, because *I've already done it* with a 4G router on a client site.

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