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Rip and replace is such a long Huawei to go, UK telcos plead, citing 'blackouts' and 'billion pound' costs: Are Vodafone and BT playing 'Project Fear'?

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Anonymous Coward

"Trump is a nut job and I’m not supporting him in any way, but ditching Huawei is about much more than following trump."

No, it's not. There's only one reason to do that and it's because Trump sees them as dangerous competitors.. Ergo, only a Trumpster would oppose Huawei, the rest will tell him to stuff his orders to where the sun doesn't shine.

Spyware? You mean diffferent spyware than Cisco or Juniper? Only difference is that EU technical staff has access to Huawei software source, no such thing for any other.

Remote off? Any switch you can find, has that capability. And you can bet manufacturer can use it.

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