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Tony Blair tells Russian infosec conference that cross-border infosec policies need more gov intervention

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Very selective speech from Tony Blair....

“When people worry about the data they shared with governments – most people share enormous amounts of data with technology companies!”

Companies, for all their many faults, are more disciplined about data than governments are. First, no company is forever. If a company really abuses customers' data, then market forces intrude and customers start looking for another option that is less abusive. Second, Facebook or Google is not about to roll up in front of your home or business and throw you out on the street or in prison, because they have no police powers. However, governments can do that. Third, its a lot easier to conduct discovery in a lawsuit against a corporation, whereas versus a government they can throw sovereign immunity or national security restrictions on discovery at you.

(And why is Tony Blair talking about cyber-security at all? Is he in any way an expert on the subject? This looks a lot like someone threw some money for a speaking fee at Tony to bring in more attendees, or to curry favor with him.)

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