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Trains were a goner in the US for passenger travel as soon as air took hold.

I haven't been a frequent visitor to the USA, but I have had the opportunity to sample the rail services on a couple of occasions.

In 1984 (I think it was) I travelled from Philadelphia to Washington DC by train -- no sorry, it wasn't a train it was a "Metroliner", which was slightly more expensive, made the same journey slightly faster, and (more important to me, at the time) was leaving in only 15 minutes. That was OK -- a bit like an Intercity train in the UK. As I recall the main booking hall of Philadelphia Station was quite magnificent -- I rather wished I had more time to enjoy it.

More recently (but still around a couple of decades ago) SWMBO and I travelled from Boston (not in Lincolnshire) to New York by train. That worked, too, though we rather got the impression that this was not regarded as the prestigious way to travel. Cost more than flying, but only about the same as taxis to and from the respective airports would have done, and the stations were conveniently placed.

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