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In his book "Just for Fun" he says:

"I don’t proactively delegate as much as I wait for people to come forward and volunteer to take over things... I try to manage by not making decisions and letting things occur naturally. That’s when you get the best results.”

Also on being a manager:

"...while my Linux management style, such as it is, was earning high marks in the press, I was an undeniable failure during my brief stint as a manager at Transmeta. At one point, it was decided that I should manage a team of developers. I flopped. As anyone knows I'm totally disorganized. I had trouble managing the weekly progress meetings, the performance reviews, the action items. After three months it became obvious my management style wasn't doing anything to help Transmeta, despite the praise I was getting from journalists for the way I was running Linux...."

My take is that likes to be an engineer or gatekeeper more than a boss.

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