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I've only got a fraction of that sum in my life savings but it relies on more than a password to protect it from miscreants. First of all, the accounts that hold this money are not in any way connected with our day to day checking accounts -- they're air gapped. Secondly, as a 'high net worth' individual you get a personal banker who gets to know you and your fiscal habits. This personal service means that any unusual request like an out of the blue outbound wire transaction to Ruritania is going to raise a few eyebrows and at least a phone call. Thirdly, as your credit is likely to be stellar there's never any particular need to raise funds 'right now' -- everything can be done at the speed of a personal visit or snailmail because creditors know you're good for the cash.

The only reason for hiding that level of money is that its either dodgy or you don't want the IRS to know about it (essentially the same thing).

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