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India bans 59 apps it says have privacy, national security problems. In a massive coincidence, they’re all Chinese


Given India's nationalistic population (cultivated by the "elite") and Modi's Hindu Nationalist government and past behaviour in the Doklam standoff where India and China had no territorial dispute but India was ostensibly sticking up for Bhutan because they believed the area, in which China at that time was extending a road, was disputed territory that belonged to Bhutan (one could get the feeling that Bhutan was faintly bemused by India's (over re-)actions and Bhutan itself stayed quiet through most of that incident, leaving the Indian side looking rather silly) - it would be hard to believe that this time round had it really been China who initiated hostilities by wandering over the LAC (which itself is not mutually agreed upon) then attacked and killed Indian soldiers that India's reactions would be so mild. So the conclusion is that India escalated the situation and got a bloody nose. As with the Doklam incident, China has gracefully kept quiet, allowing India save face.

India and China have for decades tried to demarcate their borders. The short of it is that India is deluded in sticking to a border treaty that didn't exist, China's proposal that the borders be demarcated based on the LAC - whereby China gets to keep a chunk of territory that they currently control but is claimed by India, and India gets to keep a chunk of territory that they currently control but is claimed by China - is rejected by India because they want both chunks of territory.

Oh, so in May, Nepal protested to India over the opening of a road that it built on Nepalese territory. The territory in question was occupied by India during the 1962 war with China. Apparently a former monarch then formalised the occupation by granting India the use of that land. But in recent years Nepal has been asking for India to return the land to no avail.

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