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"USB C is the right connector to force as a common standard (until some new super feature comes along that needs something different)."

I am happy to go along with that when we force a common standard on USB-C. This means no display-only cables, no everything-but-display cables, no Thunderbolt-only cables, and while we're at it, no power-only cables and every cable at least capable of delivering 5V 1A. I already have functional but very annoying power-only micro USB cables which tend to turn up every time I really want to move some data to a device with a micro USB port; I don't want to repeat the experience with even more options for a not working cable. When every USB-C cable either carries all types of data or is broken, we can force its adoption. Until then, I don't think we should force something on people that is unwilling to adopt a standard itself.

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