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I realize youre just trying to sound funny using the extent of your limited awareness..The reality is that a lot more is happening.

* [url=]Shipments from China stuck at Indian ports as government blocks import clearance[/url], and the Indian government has avoided responding to urgent clearance requests from Beijing.

* [url=]India amends enemy property law, enables broad confiscation of Chinese investments if war occurs[/url]

* All online shopping portals now required to clearly indicate country of origin. Specific countries (e.g. Vietnam, Thailand) required to furnish additional information of who owns the factory, to curtail Chinese producers using third countries as originator.

India ran a $55 billion trade deficit with China. A large part of Indian exports were intermediate goods, while most of Chinese exports were finished goods. Rather poor trade policy at work on India's part...

... until the Chinese start a war. They then demonstrate that they forget the cardinal rule of a trade imbalance - you don't piss off your third biggest source of a trade surplus (behind the US and EU). You coddle them and get them hooked to your cheap wares. If you piss them off, they can block your exports and blocking THEIR exports doesn't hurt them because they'll just feed that ore and intermediates into their industrial system instead.

This unfortunate war is going to end up costing the Chinese anywhere from $10-40 billion a year in foregone surpluses, going forward.

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