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Linus' potty mouth notwithstanding, let's not forget that some of this shit is hard

Some of what my team do is hard too, but if someone spoke to a member of my team in the manner described by the person to whom you responded, I would take a dim enough view to invite them to a non-discretionary meeting to adjust their attitude.

People do their best work when they're supported by those above them in a hierarchy, and where mistakes are learned from rather than punished. Every shit boss I ever had or have ever seen has had the same poor attitude to 'subordinates' as described by the OP. They all had their "reasons" and they all had excuses, and while Linus is undoubtedly smarter than most crap bosses, he's still got a crap boss attitude.

That he has achieved a lot is beyond question. Could he have achieved more? Maybe.

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