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Apple said to be removing charger, headphones from upcoming iPhone 12 series

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If you ever try to operate the indicators on a BMW you'll find out why people never do. They are a fucking nightmare. You push the stick down to indicate a lane change to the right, the stick doesn't stay down, it springs back to the rest position. If you manage to give it a Goldilocks press, it will give 3 flashes, but too soft and nothing happens, too hard and it will flash continuously until you go around a corner. There is no way of knowing which mode it is in until the 4th flash, or absence thereof. If it's in 3-flash mode then you can't cancel it, if it is in continuous mode then you can cancel it *but* you have to remember to press it in the same direction that it is flashing, because if you press it the other way, which is the intuitive thing to do, then it starts flashing continuously the other way. Having pressed it one way and failed to cancel it, you naturally try the other way, which doesn't work either and you end up alternately indicating left and right until you want to scream at it. It's just easier not to indicate than to remember all that. Whoever designed it needs a good kicking. What is wrong with a simple conventional indicator stalk like every other car has?

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