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"Take It From Here" (TIFH). 1947 onwards.

And my memory cocked up the dates. It was only definitely from the 60s.

The early Sixties was, of course, the period when a breakthrough was made in the language and subject matter considered acceptable in BBC TV. This relaxing of strictures was greeted with delight by progressive liberal minds and with horror by 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' (who was, incidentally, an off-stage character in _Take It From Here_, played by Wallas Eaton

-- "A Kentish Lad", F.Muir (autobiography), 1997, p261 of 427 in the 1998 Corgi edition, Great Britain

May or may not have appeared before the 60s but from this (with ref to the coruscating and geniusly inventive gentle satire of FM&DN) (Frank Muir's _My Word_ story/ramble for Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner is burned into my brain) , I personally lean towards believing that this was his/her/its first appearance.

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