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Falcon 9 is a medium rocket - LEO with apparently 16000 KG, while Ariane 5 is 21000 KG.

Ariane has done flights to GEO, and Geo transfer orbit - Falcon

Falcon 9 can now do a comparable weight - but only when the rocket is expended - which would drive up the cost...

Very few falcon 9's make it to GTO/GEO and be recovered- less than 5 tonnes (metric) seem to be the max i can do. Ariane can do around 10 tons GTO

Falcon Heavy can launch much more mass to LEO and still do recovery (in theory) - but has had only a few outings.

Falcon heavy has only 1 commercial (and 1 military) launch of sattelites to GTO to date, so metrics are hard on it at the moment.

At the moment, there is a market for Ariane 5.

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