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Honda did that on my old 2005 Accord Tourer EX... under the floor I had all this lovely extra space... a can of tyre foam and 12v pump.

Which is all well and good until some C8nt in a Cayenne hurtles around the corner of a narrow country lane in the middle of the road causing you to have to swerve to avoid them... hitting the cobblestone curb and ripping a 3" gash in the sidewall of your tire.

I could have popped the emergency spare on and drove the 5 miles from the middle of the country side to a garage to get a new tire... Instead I had to wait 80 mins before some poor guy turns up just as a massive thunderstorm hits... and put an emergency tire on the car and then follows me to said garage so he can get his tire back.

When I replaced that car with another Honda Accord EX... I made sure that I had an emergency spare in the boot.

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