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In my own personal experience driving or being a passenger... some 80% of all dickhead, arseholery on the roads is caused by 3 groups of people. BMW drivers, Audi drivers and people who should never be allowed behind the wheel.

When I see an audi/bmw driver show a sense of consideration towards other road users... I am honestly shocked to the core. It's not just their general refusal to understand how indicators work, it's overtaking several cars at one on minor A/B roads across double white lines, it's pulling out at junctions and blocking the oncoming lane or just pulling out there's too much traffic causing you to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the twat... and when you lay on the horn and give them the appropriate gesture... they then try to blame you for daring to be on the road and having the right of way.

The bigger the car... the bigger the twat behind the wheel... I've seen considerate driving from people in the little Audi A1... but the A2 upwards... utter arseholes. I uploaded a pic to youparklikeac*nt of one Audi SUV driving tosser who parked across a pedestrian crossing to go shopping in Morrisons... they returned to the vehicle as I was taking the pic and the little pathetic excuse for a man tried to start a fight over it... until he realised I was filiming him and his rants... that video was passed along to the police.

Then there's the twat who thought it was a good id ea to try and overtake on the inside of me on a roundabout and turn left as I was going straight on... or the drunk, uninsured audi driver who crashed into 3 cars writing of 2 of them and his own... one of them being mine, last year.

So yeah... that's why people consider them utter wankers who don't deserve to be allowed licences... and should be forced to retake their driving test every year if they ever show an interest in owning one of those brands... In fact let's cover ALL German brands and their subsidiaries... because it's spreading. merc drivers are getting worse, certain VW ones have started to adopt the same attitude... and that's filtering down to Seat too... At the moment Skod seems immune to it... but that's more because no elitist brand worshipping prick would be seen dead in one.

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