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Interestingly, I bought an iPhone SE 2020 recently, and Apple later sent me a follow up survey. It included questions about whether I use or find useful the included power plug and headphones (I said no, respectively, because: Apple (UK) plugs aren't very ergonomically recessed at the sides and so are a literal pain to pull out of plug sockets when you need to, and also, like many of us, I have several gadgets needing charged, and so use a 4-way USB charging plug instead; and, for the headphones, I find the supplied Apple headphones a bit crap and quite uncomfortable in the ears (do many people actually use them, other than the iconic characters in the iDevice adverts, I wonder?))

The survey also asked, among other things, whether Touch ID was a big influence on my choice of phone (yes, yes, yes), and what I thought of the size (I wouldn't mind a slightly larger phone with a slightly larger screen, but too much bigger and it would be uncomfortable for my hands/fingers, which aren't the largest).

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