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Apple said to be removing charger, headphones from upcoming iPhone 12 series

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I bought a new phone recently and one of the reasons for that was that I'm moving everything from microUSB to USB-C.

So far I have two battery packs (including torch) with both USB-C and microUSB charging, and a USB and USB-C output, a USB-C phone, adaptors from USB->USB-C and vice versa, a USB-C -> HDMI/VGA/Ethernet/Audio/4xUSB/SDcard adaptor, a USB-C fast charger (20V) and more.

The bits have cost me about £30 in total. And provide back and forward compatibility for my old and new devices.

I don't keep Lightning connectors - who the hell uses some mysterious third-party junk that adds nothing? But I have a small bag, about the size of a school exercise book, which has adaptors and cables for just about everything that goes with me if I go on holiday or visit friends. People are always asking for a cable and I can cobble them together almost anything (Sorry, it's an Apple? Yeah, you're on your own).

Let's just say that USB is the standard now. Stop faffing about. Low-voltage DC is just USB now. I'm eyeing up a new laptop - all USB-C charging and USB-C ports. Chromebooks, same.

Less waste, but we also need people to stop being stupid and still bundling "adaptors" rather than just putting a compliant USB-C port on things. That's where the whole Apple thing falls down and they get away with it year after year.

As such, yes, it's good to remove the charger because eventually everyone will have them in their wall-sockets and extension leads anyway. Eventually they'll all be the auto-negotiating 20V fast-charge things too. But let's not pretend that Apple are doing this out of the love of the environment - it'll save them money, and they'll make more back in Lightning patents.

I'm not changing anything again until USB-C is literally obsolete and there are serious advantages to moving to USB-Whatever. Judging by standard USB/microUSB, that's - what... 10-20 years away?

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