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ot, this reminds me of a Polish song, Wars wita was!, loosely translated as "welcome to Wars!". Sadly, the "wars" bit was / is nothing more than, once infamous in the commie times, a brand of dining cars on Polish railways. Anyway, one verse, in the form of station announcement, went something like this:

"A slow train from Warsaw West do Gdynia Central has increased its delay to approximately 4688 minutes and has been officially declared missing. The state of being missing can increase or decrease..."

And, years later, when communism was over, but the railways in Poland still remained in their goode olde state of mind, one warm summer, I did happen to wait for this particular (night) train at that particular station in Warsaw. And it was delayed and delayed, and eventually came about 6 hrs late, instead of late night it appeared around 5 a.m. already after dawn, when we were supposed to arrive at the destination. While it was a particularly warm night, people on the platform were not amused, particularly parents with kids slumped over their shoulders.

That said, I'm pretty sure people waited a couple of days (and nights) for a train in Europe c. 1945 so I can see some progress :D

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