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Containers to capture 15% of all enterprise apps across 75% of business by 2024

Zed Zee

Having said that...

...despite what Gartner or any other market analysis stats thrower might say, IT is moving towards containers, rather than staying with virtual machines. Anyone trying to fight this is burying their head in the sand and will ultimately become a hindrance in their IT team, if they continue to resist change and refuse to engage on this new technology, while clinging onto their beloved Windows Server, Cisco Networking and VMware vSphere certifications.

Having more than 30+ years of IT industry experience (and having done it all from mainframes, to server consolidation, to now cloud), I can guarantee you that workloads are mostly going to the public cloud. Believe me, I, too, fought against Open Source Software and Public Cloud - I lost.

Never mind all the BS about hybrid and private - multicloud is where they will be - not 100% (some will still run on mainframes in some co-lo somewhere) but enterprises are looking to get rid of their DCs, as the leases come up for renewal. This is what drives most Digital Transformation and DC Migration projects.

The revolution (and it is this time a revolution, rather than an evolution as was with VMs) is not only happening at the Compute Primitive level (Containers) but also at the application level (Microservices), which in turn is driving new ways of hosting (Public Cloud), hosting (Containers and Orchestration), provisioning (Automation and Configuration Management), managing (Observability and AIOps) and development (DevOps and DevSecOps), etc.

This revolution is happening right now and will continue to grow in the future, whether you like it or not. Will it be as fast as Gartner predicts? Maybe. But they don't call it Agile for no good reason.

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