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Ah, yes. Hypercard, AKA "Programming for the rest of us". In about 1989, one such empowered[0] induhvidual got extremely pissed off at me when I emulated his vaunted hyperstack with bash ... and then demonstrated how to do the same thing with DOS batch files.The Hypercard version required input from the user, the SunOS and DOS versions were fully automated.

It was a simple test program for Anderson-Jacobsen dial-back modems. Plug a serial cable and an analog phone line into each modem, turn them on, hit "start" and the computer sent the control strings & looked at whatever came back from the modems as they dialed each other, hung up, and dialed back, and generally did their song & dance. Easy.

Instead of spending ~$30,000 on half a dozen new Apple SE/30 computers for the test station, we used half a dozen Sears branded Packard Bell PCs that were recovered from the scrap pile ...

[0] Remember the hypevertising of the era?

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